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What Will Be the Next Hot Technology at Life Sciences Events?

Posted by Brent Turner on Mar 5, 2018 1:31:50 PM


Over the past few years, three major themes have been driving change across our community of life sciences meeting and event professionals.

As Millennials have become the dominant demographic, we’ve begun redesigning events to meet their expectations. As leading global events – such as C2 Montreal and Dreamforce – have reconceived their experiences, we’ve entered a “festivalization” era for meetings and events. Finally, the landscape of event technology providers has grown 70% in the last few years, ushering in new tools for meeting organizers and attendees.

These three themes have, in turn, pushed meetings and events into the forefront of emerging technology.

In 2016, virtual reality and augmented reality drove attendee delight and provided new mechanisms for learning and development. 

In 2017, meeting and events professionals experimented with AI-powered networking, brainwear, and attendee heat maps.

In 2018, we already see interesting experiments happening in the fields of facial recognition, blockchain, live augmented reality, and robots.

Looking out to 2019, the teams from Cramer, an event and experiential marketing agency built for healthcare brands, are predicting that there will be two big technologies coming to life sciences meetings and events in 2019: gaze-based interfaces and generative AI.

At Pharma Forum, Cramer will be digging into all of these technologies and trends.


On Wednesday (Day 3), Cramer’s Julie Walker, RN, partner for their healthcare unit, and Brent Turner, Cramer’s senior vice president for marketing strategy and technology, will be taking the main stage to present a fun, fast-paced trend spotting session. The session is titled Integrating What's Next – The Emerging Tech and Trends for 2018”. We hope you can join the 800+ registered attendees who are coming to Philadelphia on March 25-28, 2018 for the 14th annual Pharma Forum.


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