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CBI Highlights Rare Disease Day with CureCMT4J

Posted by Lisa Tandy on Feb 28, 2018 9:30:00 AM

In the harsh, overhead light of the ER the ICU doc turned his attention away from my daughter to direct his gaze upon me. Two other doctors flanked him on each side. I felt overmatched. I hadn’t slept for two nights and it was probably now around 3AM of the third night. I looked back at my 12 year-old daughter, Talia, lying semi-reclined, her little body engulfed by the giant hospital bed. A clear, plastic mask covered nearly all of her face, save for her blue-green eyes and honey-colored hair. She was asleep. Finally. Her cheeks pink, her breathing less labored. An aura of purple light surrounded her.  

The flu was raging through her body, making it difficult to breathe or even hold her head up. Already weakened by a rare neuromuscular disease known as CMT4J, the doctors were concerned Talia may need intubation—a tube placed into her windpipe to take over for her breathing. At the very least, she would need time on a bipap machine to help both push air into her lungs and pull it back out again. CMT4J had even stolen her muscles used for breathing.

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Topics: Patient Access, Rare Disease & Orphan Drugs, Rare Disease Day, expanded access, Patient Advocacy

Put One (Green) Foot In Front Of The Other – Sustainability in Meeting Planning

Posted by Sabrina Delio on Feb 27, 2018 4:37:00 PM


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Bridging the Generation Gap in Communication – Balancing Face-to-Face Networking with Online Communication

Posted by Sabrina Delio on Feb 13, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Text, tweet, post, snap - the millennial generation professional is a master of social media presence, internet research, and online connectivity. But networking and connection is just as important face-to-face as it is in pixels. Ideally, as we move toward to a more tech-centric society, we want to utilize both the digital and physical components of business to reap the benefits of both worlds.

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Find Your Fire! Top 5 Stress Busters for Busy Meeting Professionals

Posted by Sabrina Delio on Feb 6, 2018 5:47:55 PM


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Importance of Listening to the "Voice of the Customer"

Posted by Evanna Payen on Jan 22, 2018 12:48:44 PM

When a consumer depends on something important - test results, medication, medical advice - they often feel vulnerable or anxious about the next step in the process. Suddenly, a routine customer service interaction, such as a question about shipments, becomes another potential point of anxiety. It's important that companies in the bio and pharma industries have the right individuals at that juncture, ready and willing to guide the apprehensive consumer to the solutions he or she needs to feel comfortable and respected.

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Topics: Medical Affairs & Communication, product recalls, Contact Centers

Monitoring and Auditing with Limited Resources – How Often Should Comprehensive Risk Assessments Be Done?

Posted by Evanna Payen on Jan 16, 2018 2:43:54 PM

Comprehensive risk assessments always seem to make it onto a to-do list, but end up being considerably more difficult to take off of that same list. They take time, effort, and resources - the trinity of what runs competitive businesses in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be tempting to keep pushing them off, involving yourself in another one of the endless checkboxes to take care of - but that's a very bad idea. The very nature of risk assessments is to prevent that looming, nasty, "what if" that could derail your projects or dismantle your clinical trials. It's finding the leak before the pipe bursts, or detecting the first wisp of proverbial smoke before a fire can start in earnest. In other words, neglecting to iron out a regular schedule of risk assessment reports could have disastrous consequences.

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Topics: Compliance & Regulatory, Compliance Monitoring

5 Meeting Location Alternatives to the Traditional Exhibit Hall

Posted by Sabrina Delio on Jan 16, 2018 2:01:00 PM

Each year, event organizers struggle to keep their attendees engaged: another conference or symposium, another lecture auditorium, another exhibit hall. So how does a structured and long-lived industry keep fresh and current? Well, these five alternatives to traditional exhibit halls are a great place to start the process in 2018:

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Keeping It SiMMPle (Strategic Meeting Management: Practical Light and Effective) Part 3

Posted by Betsy Bondurant on Jan 9, 2018 3:30:00 PM

V is for Validating Value!        

In order to keep ongoing support for your SMMP, you must consistently prove the ongoing value of the program to all of stakeholders in the meetings sphere. Since there is a spectrum of stakeholders who have varying needs, specific reports that validate the value of the SMMP must be developed to address the needs of these various stakeholders.

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The Challenges of Scaling Up: Globalization of Call Centers

Posted by Evanna Payen on Jan 3, 2018 11:52:44 AM

If your business is approached the way that physical health would be, your call centers function as the nervous system, connecting all you do to the needs and feedback of your customer base. That's why globalization of your call centers should be approached carefully and with ample consideration. There are four key points you'll want to keep in mind throughout the planning and implementation stages of globalization efforts:

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How to Use Technology to Keep Meeting Participants Interested and Involved

Posted by Sabrina Delio on Jan 2, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Are people nodding off during your meetings? Do their eyes glaze over the moment you start writing on the white board? Are they actually looking at the paper you provided before passing it to the next person, or are they merely sliding it across the table without bothering to look? If so, audience engagement technology may be the key to keeping attendees interested and involved in your meetings.

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