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Moving from “Call Center” to Multi-Channel Center

Posted by Evanna Payen on Dec 4, 2017 10:34:26 AM

The concept of call centers is certainly nothing new in the Bio/Pharma sphere, but today's consumer is looking for more out of companies that help them handle their health. They don't simply want a contact point for immediate issues, they want guidance and support throughout their medical journey. This is an evolutionary challenge for traditional contact centers, a need that forces them to consider how they're currently interfacing with customers. This is the birth of the multi-channel movement, a philosophy that still provides the help and guidance of a phone-centric center with the flexibility modern patients expect.

A Window to Their World

While vocal conversations can cover a great deal, for patients that may be hard of hearing or otherwise unable to call in, video chatting provides a convenient alternative. Much like a face-to-face conversation, video chatting allows communication of facial expressions, demonstrations for clarification and so much more. Having this option at your contact centers will also earn you consideration points in the eyes of your more tech-savvy customers, such as millennials using their mobile devices to reach out.


Just the Text, Please

Others may struggle to speak over the phone for a variety of reasons - an illness that caused them to lose their voice, or even anxiety that flares up in social situations. Chat programs for Bio/Pharma call center staff are a solution that bridges that gap. Customers can type out in detail what their concerns or questions may be, and the agent on the contact center side can methodically go through the list to provide answers. This method leaves very little room for ambiguity, which makes it a great choice for warning-rich Bio/Pharma matters like medication dispensing.


Tweet, Post, Tag

Social media has emerged as an unlikely ally in the quest to empower customers with better contacts and information. If a customer has a side effect or interaction question, he or she can simply tag the requisite company's social media accounts and ask the question in front of an audience of millions. On one hand, the exposure is an excellent opportunity to show the world customer service done well. On the other, if your company lacks a clear social media conduct plan, that same exposure could end up damaging your brand if your employees don't know what's off-limits. Issues like HIPPA may also play a role here as well, so be very careful and stick to DMs for anything even potentially sensitive from inquisitive patients.

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