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How to Use Technology to Keep Meeting Participants Interested and Involved

Posted by Sabrina Delio on Jan 2, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Are people nodding off during your meetings? Do their eyes glaze over the moment you start writing on the white board? Are they actually looking at the paper you provided before passing it to the next person, or are they merely sliding it across the table without bothering to look? If so, audience engagement technology may be the key to keeping attendees interested and involved in your meetings.


If people are falling asleep at your meetings, or seem annoyed, you are not alone.  A recent survey by Hilton reports one in three people attending meetings feel drowsy or even fall asleep in.  In another study, attendees said the most annoying thing about meetings was hearing the same material repeatedly. Other complaints include meetings that do not start or finish on time, veer off topic, or lack a clear purpose.

Technology can help keep your meetings on track and on time – it can even help hold the interest of meeting attendees. In fact, 70 percent of meeting planners responding to a survey said they think new technologies will make meetings more interactive and engaging.

How to Use Technology to Capture and Hold the Interest of Pharmaceutical Professionals

  1. Ensure fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi connections for attendees whenever possible. There is perhaps nothing more irritating than a slow or non-existent internet connection during an important meeting.

  2. Gain real-time access to your attendees’ behaviors and preferences, and use the information to make on-the-spot changes to your programs.

  3. Apps like CrowdCompass provide attendees with unique schedules where they can add sessions, personalized activity feeds and the ability to post directly to social channels from within the app. Attendify event apps include live polling, push notifications, and real time analytics that measures participant and user engagement. Bizzabo helps attendees make connections through private messaging, robust attendee profiles, and social media integration. Whova allows attendees to maximize their opportunities to attend the right panels and sessions. These and other technologies help attendees find the content and networking opportunities relevant to their needs.

  4. Use beacon technology to broadcast meeting data short distances, where attendees can use a smartphone app to receive the data on their mobile devices.

  5. Use interactive videos to present clips of speakers and meeting information. People are naturally drawn to content provided in a dynamic, visual format and they usually prefer interactive presentations that offer an opportunity to provide feedback in real time.

  6. Use digital signage to create the “wow factor.” These signs allow you to convey your content in text, images and video across monitors in strategic locations throughout the meeting room. Customize the signs to convey specific information.

  7. Offer charging stations at your onsite kiosks or meeting rooms. Position your digital signage so it is clearly visible to those using your charging station. 

  8. Leverage mobile event apps to improve your meeting on the fly. These apps allow meeting planners to track, score and rate each click on a mobile event app to determine the current needs and wants of attendees. Mobile event apps can help you gauge the interest levels of your attendees then adapt your presentation content and speaking times accordingly.


Technology helps meeting planners prepare well, communicate well, and respect the time of attendees. It is important to know your audiences needs and infuse your meeting with the latest technology to create powerful experiences and provide communication excellence.