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Bridging the Generation Gap in Communication – Balancing Face-to-Face Networking with Online Communication

Posted by Sabrina Delio on Feb 13, 2018 2:00:00 PM


Text, tweet, post, snap - the millennial generation professional is a master of social media presence, internet research, and online connectivity. But networking and connection is just as important face-to-face as it is in pixels. Ideally, as we move toward to a more tech-centric society, we want to utilize both the digital and physical components of business to reap the benefits of both worlds.

Not sure how to utilize technology to enhance your in-person meetings? Start with these:

Trending and Analysis

Use social media to monitor what is hot and what your audience is talking about. LinkedIn groups and Twitter are both great platforms for people to voice concerns and challenges- and for you to listen! Encourage your meeting attendees to interact with you beforehand so you can prepare for conversations and create meaningful discussions onsite.

Engage Participants

Your attendees are becoming accustom to technology in their everyday life, so meetings should be no different. Technology such as virtual reality, live polling and meeting apps can keep your participants' attention on the meeting purpose and result in higher information retention.

Digital Conference

Does your meeting best fit a digital platform? If you putting together a last minute meeting, a virtual conference call might be a good alternative to a traditional in-person event. Not only does this reduce the duration of the event, since there is no travel required, this allows you to host slides and disperse your conversation content to participants after the call has ended. Did you know it is now possible to use social media to host your digital meetings? (Facebook messenger allows you to call up to 50 people at once!)

So you are ready to utilize new technology, but not all of your attendees are tech-savvy. How can you ensure they don’t feel excluded or miss the opportunity to interact? Try sending out support emails before the meetings to prepare participants to use the event apps and other technologies onsite and designate an area as a “tech bar” or “support corner” to help coach your attendees throughout the meeting.