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eCoupons Offer Adherence and Patient Engagement Opportunities

Posted by Ken Kark on Jun 13, 2014 11:25:00 AM

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McKesson Patient Relationship Solutions (MPRS) is pleased to have been named a finalist in the 9th Annual Strategic Patient Adherence Awards, dedicated to recognizing excellence and advances in patient adherence. In advance of the Patient Adherence and Access Summit (PAAS), we wanted to preview the “Coupon Integration and Tracking within e-Prescribing Workflow” program, which was designed to provide brands with co-pay offset programs delivered through physicians’ e-Prescribing/EHR systems to patients at the point of prescribing.

The Massive Impact of e-Prescribing

e-Prescribing has seen explosive growth. According to Surescripts, 75,000 prescribers sent prescriptions electronically in 2008 compared to nearly 566,000 at the end of 2013. Research also shows that utilization is growing with 73% of office-based physicians writing e-Prescriptions and over 58% of all prescriptions written in 2013 being written electronically.  

Recognizing the impact of e-Prescribing on adherence, physician workflow, and patient access to brand offers, MPRS also recognized the need for integrating financial assistance offers seamlessly within the e-Prescribing process. In partnership with Physicians Interactive, MPRS developed a highly differentiated solution for brands to integrate their programs and enhance the way brands engage with patients and physicians in this new environment. 

Our experience with eCoupon programs has shown that coupon redemptions and new patient utilization rates steadily increase. For example, one program implemented in early 2013 experienced an average month-over-month growth of 11% in the number of eCoupons distributed over nine months. During this same timeframe, coupon redemption improved from 18% to 42% overall. We have observed similar trends with other programs currently in operation. As more eCoupon programs become available, we expect that prescribers and patients will grow accustomed to receiving and using eCoupons and pharmacists will learn to receive and process eCoupon offers through their retail pharmacy systems.

The Value of MPRS Solution 

This innovative solution leverages e-Prescribing/EHR systems, pharmacy systems, web, MPRS adjudication, and the MPRS reporting portal to distribute offers instantly and efficiently. Unlike other e-Prescribing solutions, MPRS, in partnership with Physicians Interactive, offers integrated reporting allowing brands to monitor program reach and impact, as well as redemption rates through the same online portal and interface used to access data for all other aspects of their patient support programs. This provides valuable insights regarding how and where coupon offers are being distributed, as well as physician, pharmacy, and patient (on an aggregate basis) participation in the programs.

In looking at ROI for a couple of programs that have been in place for at least a year - one for a seasonal drug and a program for a drug that is used primarily for chronic treatment - both programs realized a positive ROI after approximately 8-9 months. As the network of ePrescribers using EHR systems grows, so should the volume of eCoupon transmissions and claims redemptions. This, in turn, should improve the ROI for participating brands. 

Early studies have shown how e-Prescribing can help boost first-fill adherence and improve insights into the path of a prescription from initiation to fill rates. We are now starting to observe data in our own programs that are consistent with these studies and technologies such as eCoupon may help facilitate more meaningful physician-patient, interactions, increased patient adherence and result in better health outcomes.

The dramatic growth of e-Prescribing adoption and utilization is having a significant impact on the pharmaceutical industry and undoubtedly opens up new opportunities for pharmaceutical marketers. McKesson’s eCoupon technology integrates patient savings offers and information into the prescriber’s workflow and opens new channels for engaging with both prescribers and patients – offering brands a powerful new tool in their marketing toolkit. 

To learn more about how eCoupons offer patient adherence and engagement opportunities, join us at the 2014 Coupon & Copay Off-Set Strategies conference (September 29-30, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA).

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