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FAQs about Pharma and Medical Meeting Apps

Posted by Karra Barron on Mar 7, 2014 11:16:00 AM

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It’s been predicted that this is the year mobile event apps move from the “early adopter” stage to the “early majority” phase. This means that you will see event apps being used at more and more pharma and medical meetings. However, despite their popularity, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding this technology.

With meeting planners expressing their “desire to learn how to best utilize apps for their individual meetings,” we thought it would be helpful to share the answers to some of the questions we’re frequently asked:

1. How will having an event app benefit not just my attendees, but also my organization?

Creating a successful meeting app that excites attendees and provides valuable returns to your organization starts with a well thought out event app strategy.

You must strike a careful balance between your business and event goals to help you make strategic decisions about your event app. This will help ensure that you end up with a tool that not only excites your attendees, but also delivers the maximum impact for your other stakeholders.

To make this a less daunting task, we recommend using our P.O.S.T. Mobile Event Strategy worksheet. It makes the process of thinking about what you want to accomplish much simpler because it breaks your strategy down into just four areas: People, Objectives, Strategy and Technology.

2. Isn’t a mobile app just a digital event agenda?

It’s much more than that. Unlike a printed agenda, an event app is a dynamic tool that creates new opportunities for personalization, connection and engagement, while also giving event planners the flexibility to make changes on-the-fly, open new revenue streams and gather real-time audience and participation data.

An event app also provides a 365-day communication channel that keeps event organizers connected to attendees and attendees connected to other attendees all year-round. This means the networking and relationship buildingdon’t have to end with the closing remarks.

3. What if I only plan small meetings and events – can I still use an event app?

Yes, event apps can be used for events and meetings of all sizes! In fact, one reason QuickMobile created the first multi-event app was to give planners the ability to configure and deploy apps as they needed, whether it was for a large user conference or a small team meeting. 

Instead of creating a single app for each meeting, you get a master app created by an expert developer, which you can then use as a template to self-deploy as many apps as you need.

Benefits to meeting planners include lower costs, quick event app creation, consistent branding among all your apps, and better security and analytics. Attendees also benefit because they only have to download the master app and locate the events relevant to them within it. Say goodbye to cluttered screens with dozens of unused apps!

4. What are some ways I can promote the app so my attendees will download and use it?

The key is to highlight how the app will help your attendees have a more successful and exciting time at your event. In your marketing communications about the event app, let attendees know that they can use the app to connect with and message other attendees, download slide decks and handouts, participate in the mobile game for cool prizes, etc.

Give the app some love by creating a dedicated web page for it, complete with a bulleted list of use benefits, some screenshots and download links to the app stores. Put together a special event app guide that provides attendees with easy instructions and tips for maximizing their experience using the app. And be sure to promote the app frequently on social media as well!

This Event App Promotion cheat sheet has more ideas and a handy timeline that shows you when to perform your different event app marketing activities.

Want to learn more about how mobile apps could take your event to the next level? Join us at PHARMA FORUM 2015 in National Harbor, MD. Hope to see you there!

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Guest post by Karra BarronQuickMobile’s Content and Social Media Strategist. QuickMobile transforms meetings and events around the world with mobile event apps that engage audiences throughout the life of your event and beyond. Visit the QuickMobile website to learn more.



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