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Need for Speed: A Chat with Joel W. Beetsch of Celgene

Posted by Lauren Acquadro on Jul 24, 2013 9:03:00 AM

Joel_BeetschThe delays in time to first fill are steadily increasing—keeping patients from necessary medications. The path to script includes a variety of stakeholders and channels working together to deliver the product to the customer; however, streamlining and coordinating this process can prove challenging.

In preparation for our Speed to Therapy event on August 13-14, I had the opportunity to speak with one of our co-chairs — Joel W. Beetsch, Vice President of Patient Advocacy at Celgene — to discuss how our conference will address the pressing issue of time to fill and catch up on some of the conference highlights he’s most looking forward to.

How does the Speed to Therapy impact your daily role at Celgene?

As lead of the Patient Advocacy function at my organization, I see the constant “need for speed” across the patient arena. This event will bring experts to the table to ensure the fact that all issues are discussed and action is taken to ensure appropriate and timely patient access to important therapies.

What made you decide to co-chair this event?

Expedient patient access to important therapies is a strong personal and professional goal of mine. Patients should have access to the medications they need at the time when they most need them. My co-chairmanship will enhance my knowledge based on the expertise of the speakers and panelists as well as allow me to ensure the patient voice is heard.

What key takeaways are you most looking forward to?

Best practices by colleagues and partners who are ensuring timely access to important therapies.

How can pharmaceutical colleagues benefit from attending this event?

Constant and consistent reminders about the importance of the needs of the patient in the biopharmaceutical sector is absolutely necessary. This event will bring together the united efforts of patients and industry.

Want to hear more from Joel?

Join us at this August's Speed to Therapy conference where a variety of stakeholders will come together to discuss the issues in path to script and strategies for reducing the time to fill.

Speed to Therapy Download Agenda 

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