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Why is Point of Care Marketing so Important?

Posted by Heather Parker on May 23, 2013 11:17:00 AM

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A Patient’s Perspective – Stephanie

“I sat, feeling uneasy, in the waiting room. It’s been 35 minutes since I arrived for my appointment with my primary care physician. What is taking so long? Look at these magazines. Do they really think I care what Britney Spears wore to some event? I need answers. Why do I keep getting these massive headaches? What is causing them? I bet they will tell me I’m stressed. Worst case scenario, I am getting migraines from a poor diet and hydration. But, I did read that story the other day about a woman who complained of migraines and found that she had a tumor the size of a grapefruit. I hope it’s not a tumor. Great….now I’m even more worried than I was before.”

We’ve all been patients at one time or another. We know what it’s like to sit in a waiting room and let our minds wander, sometimes to a ridiculous degree; wondering what our symptoms mean and guess in our head what the diagnosis will be, or if there will even be one.  Let’s consider for a moment, the patients perspective. Do you see the opportunity for pharma and medical device manufacturers?  If Stephanie is spending 35 minutes in the waiting room, why not provide her with informational pieces she can relate to? If a piece of marketing material is well placed and fits the patient’s symptoms, there’s a pretty good chance it will be read.

A HCP’s Perspective—Dr. Gene Harrison

“She looks worried. Hopefully some information and a sound diagnosis can help ease some of her tension. Constant headaches? Anxiety? Perhaps it’s a matter of hydration or stress. Perhaps it’s an underlying condition. This will take some time to effectively consider all causes. I want to be as thorough as possible. Ok, well let’s start with the basics: lifestyle, eating habits, family history….”

Now, put yourself in the mind of Dr. Harrison. You have 11 minutes face to face with Stephanie to hear her symptoms, review treatment options and decide on an appropriate course of action before you are scheduled to meet with another patient. That’s less than a third of the time Stephanie spent in the waiting room. Consider this: Instead of catching up on her celebrity gossip, Stephanie noticed your Point of Care marketing piece in the waiting room and spent her time connecting her symptoms to the treatments your brand offers. In this scenario, Stephanie is more informed, providing a solid starting point for Dr. Harrison to make better use of those 11 minutes.

A Pharmacist’s Perspective – Cecilia Winters, Pharm.D

“I’m very familiar with this new prescription so I will be sure to inform Stephanie of all the details for this medication. But just to be sure all the information resonates; I will refer Stephanie to the Point of Care marketing materials provided by the manufacturer. This will educate Stephanie on the potential side effects, the benefits of this particular drug and what treatments cannot be combined.”

Patients, like Stephanie, usually have questions when filling a prescription for the first time. Sometimes they may have questions the third, fourth or hundredth time. If Point of Care marketing pieces are readily available,  pharmacists like Cecilia can provide patients with information upfront when the prescription is filled. Effective point of care marketing in retail pharmacies keep both the pharmacist and patient better informed, save time for the pharmacist and patient while subsequently improving overall health outcomes.

Point of Care IS the Marketing Channel of the Future

As digital, mobile and social continues to evolve, who knows where Point of Care will be in 2, 5, or even 10 years. Connecting patients, prescribers and pharmacists with the appropriate information is crucial for pharma and medical device manufacturers. As the industry changes, marketers will have to learn to adapt to these changes to fulfill the needs of patients, prescribers and pharmacists.

It’s important for the life sciences industry to capitalize on this opportunity in the age of rising co-pays, prescription prices and the changes caused by Obamacare — to connect patients with information at the Point of Care to improve health outcomes and brand awareness.

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