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6 Reasons Why iPharma 2015 is Your Life Sciences Marketing Event

Posted by Logan Fleck on Apr 8, 2015 1:26:51 PM


The world of life sciences and marketing as a whole are evolving at lightning speed. In recent years, it has become more status quo that if you strive to be current, you'll probably always be behind. That's how fast our world is changing. Now, more than ever, marketers and related functions not only have to be more swift and agile, they are required to do more with less. By attending CBI's iPharma 2015 you and your teams will learn to stay ahead of the market, by creating needs rather than responding to them. Here are six reasons as to why iPharma 2015 should be your Life Sciences Marketing event of choice:

1) Fresh Perspectives from ALL Angles

The multi-stakeholder perspective is key to continue to disrupt the norm....but with purpose. At iPharma 2015, you'll enagage HCPs, pharmacies, agencies, payers and your peers to not only take action on what's happening now but create blueprints for the future. Participate in dynamic case studies, panel discussions and interactive dialogue to hone-in on solutions that will transform your relationship with customers. 

2) Take Your Career to New Heights

We understand that every attendee has their own unique challenges and goals. This is why we made iPharma 2015 100% customizable to fit your specific career needs. Flow fluidly between 4 diverse tracks and boutniful sessions and allow your career to get the boost it needs with the 30+ hours of learning this program has to offer. For us, it is all about getting you in contact with the right people, at the right time and in the right context.

3) Find the Solution Right for You

We understand your time is extremely precious and therefore have worked diligently to cut through the clutter and create a more intimate and less daunting floor plan. Have meaningful discussions with vendors about your needs and challenges and get introduced to the right solution that will transform your business.

4) Keynotes to Empower

In work, sometimes we need to be inspired, empowered and reminded of what really matters. The industry is changing, that's a fact. But our underlining purpose will forever remain the same: getting the right therapies into the hands of patients in need. The keynotes we have lined up this year are there to remind you of the incredible difference you can make in people's lives every day! Attendees have the opportunity to see and hear from some of the biggest marketing movers and shakers in and outside of industry:

KEYNOTE DAY 1- "From Gridiron to Granting Wishes- Learn How an Elite Athlete Channeled his Experiences in the Sports Arena into Philanthropy and Business"


Jeremy Bloom began his career in professional athletics - Both as an Olympic Skier and NFL Football Player. While playing with the NFL in Philadephia for the Eagles, he completed a business entrepreneurship program at Wharton Business School where he studied real estate and finance. In 2009, Jeremy launched MDinfo.com, a health portal creating a dialogue between health experts and ordinary poeple throughout the world. Most recently, Jeremy was named by Forbes as 30 under 30, tech executives under the age of 30 making waves in the technology space. In addition to his athletic achievements and business accomplishments, Jeremy possesses a driving motivation to give back to those around him. Among his noteworthy accomplishments is the launch of the nonprofit foundation, Jeremy Bloom's Wish of a LifeTime. This 501(c)3 foundation is a living memorial of his grandmother and grants wishes to 80+ year old people across the country. Jeremy specializes in moving fast and making an impact. His focus and motivation provide unbeatable inspiration for his team.

KEYNOTE DAY 2- "What Does the Digital Marketer of the Future Look Like?"


Rand Fishkin is the CEO of Moz. He co-authored the "Art of SEO," co-founded Inbound.org and is an addict of all things content, search and social on the web, from his multiple blogs to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Linkedin and Foursquare. In his minuscule spare time, Rand enjoys the company of his amazing wife, whose serendipitous travel blog chronichles their journeys.


5) Get Inspired by Each Other

Many times inspiration comes by having casual conversations with others. We've lined up a plethora of cocktail receptions and networking opportunities so you can meet and share big ideas with the industry's finest.

6) Absorb the Inventiveness of the Big Apple

New York City exudes creativity, agility, intelligence and invention -- traits every life sciences marketer strives to possess. Learn, be challenged and obtain the tools and strategies to elevate your brand in the city that never sleeps!


Gain tangible insights on how the Information Age is impacting your business and prepare for what is next. So pack your bags and join us for two-days in New York City, May 14-15, 2015...This really is a can't-miss event!



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