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What to Consider When Implementing an eTMF – And What Vendors May Not Tell You

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In advance of our April 23 webinar, and our presentation at the ClinTech EU Conference in Dublin May 20/21, I am posting a short blog on the important items you should consider when selecting and implementing an eTMF solution at your company.


5 Tips on How Your Content Marketing Can Improve Your Pharma Brand

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Marketing pharmaceuticals has surpassed the practice of merely supplying facts about a particular product and its function. Now, it’s all about identifying with your audience and giving them more than just a sales pitch. It’s about being a part of their every day life. The patient’s “journey” — i.e. the lifecycle of understanding a condition, to treatment options, to recovery and a healthy lifestyle — is the concept that should be top of mind when developing a campaign strategy, and there’s no better way to present this idea than through content marketing. Here’s a look at five tips to leverage content marketing to promote your pharma brand and engage customers.

7 Useful App Features For Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Conventions

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With an increasing shift towards environmental awareness and the norm of mobile technology users among these health experts, many pharma and medical meeting planners are shifting their contents digitally to eliminate the use of paper. With a mobile event app, health professionals can obtain the most up-to-date event information, connect with each other all year-round and tailor their event experience – all from a device that fits in the palm of their hands.

FAQs about Pharma and Medical Meeting Apps

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It’s been predicted that this is the year mobile event apps move from the “early adopter” stage to the “early majority” phase. This means that you will see event apps being used at more and more pharma and medical meetings. However, despite their popularity, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding this technology.

iPharma 2014- What's All the Hype About?

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You know it. You experience it every day. As a marketer in an industry faced with changing regulations, converging technologies, doing more with less and constant pressure to elevate your brand and outmaneuver the competition, knowledge is the only way to stay ahead of the curve. There are imitators and true innovators — Let’s strive to be the latter.

How the ePatient Will Revolutionize Pharma Marketing

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Internet technology has had a profound effect on the function of many industries in society today - the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. The last few years has seen a marked increase in consumers using Internet resources to gain medical information that will help them better manage their personal healthcare.

Leverage Technological Advancements to Achieve Financial Transformation

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A look at revenue trends for pharma and life science companies in the past decade shows an average drop in revenue growth. In 2011, average revenue growth in the industry was only around 5 percent, due in part to expiring patents, long development cycles, and decreased return on R&D. Some experts also point to an increasingly uncertain environment of regulatory compliance as an ongoing financial challenge for companies in the niche.1

Strategic Patient Adherence Awards - Excellence in Patient Adherence

Strategic Patient Adherence Awards

I’m proud to be introducing the 9th Annual Strategic Patient Adherence Awards, the only awards ceremony dedicated to spotlighting excellence and advances in patient adherence. As part of the Patient Adherence and Access Summit (PAAS), June 17-18 in Philadelphia, the SPA Awards highlight the leading initiatives in place today that solve the patient adherence problem and represent role models for their achievements. It has been interesting to watch the evolution of adherence programs, specifically those with a renewed focus on patient engagement, access and education.

Platform Technology vs Point Solutions – Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

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In today’s technology-driven clinical trials environment, we are seeing more “niche” technology solutions being developed (and implemented) to solve small, yet critical pieces of a very complex puzzle. We call these “point” solutions, and they are quickly becoming a dirty word in the dynamic and changing business of clinical research.


Beyond Ourselves- Embracing Open Innovation in Clinical Development

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In the spring of 2013, Harvard president Drew Faust challenged more than 250,000 of the school’s students, faculty, researchers and affiliates to participate in a prize-based “ideas challenge” in the hopes of boosting Type 1 diabetes research through a multidisciplinary research approach. This directive was intended to engage external sources and ultimately lead to new approaches and strategies. The results did not disappoint: in stretching its reach beyond the usual suspects, Harvard engaged new people with new perspectives into the diabetes research community.   

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